Barbara was always a daydreamer.  Her early literary efforts centered around her saving the world.  Thank goodness it didn't all fall on her shoulders.  She's a bit of a flake.

Born in the Texas Panhandle and unable to remain still, she has lived in places as diverse as Denver, New Orleans and East Tennessee. A former travel agent, mom, and ballet teacher, she  resides in Wyoming with her long suffering husband and two dogs.



Welcome to the website of Barbara Graham, mystery writer, quilter and village idiot. 

My personal statement is "every book needs a dead body and every bed needs a quilt".  I feel strongly about the power of laughter--it can banish many ills or a least make them more bearable.







The Charity Quilt


The fifth of the "Quilted Mystery" series involving

Tennessee Sheriff Tony Abernathy and Theo, his wife, a quilter, mother and designer of mystery quilts (pattern included).

Already sweltering in the summer sunshine, crimes heat up tiny Park County, Tennessee. A corpse in a tree signals the start of an onslaught of murder, mischief and mayhem.

ISBN13: 978-1-4328-2727-4 Five Star Books-Gale/Cengage





The Baby Quilt




The fourth in the "Quilted Mystery" series featuring Tennessee Sheriff Tony Abernathy and his wife Theo, a dedicated quilter.

Springtime in the the Smoky Mountains is being celebrated by a festival in honor of ramps, a pungent member of the onion/garlic family. The festivities are disrupted when a potato launched by a cannon strikes, and apparently kills, unpopular game warden, Harrison Ragsdale.


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Murder by Music

Autumn brings cooler temperatures to the Smoky Mountains. While the weather may be cooling down in tiny Park County, Tennessee, crime is heating up. Weevil Beasley, the county's loan shark, is found dead and the body count begins. Sheriff Tony Abernathy is soon up to the top of his bald head in murder and mayhem.

Tony's quiltmaker wife Theo is in the thick of it. When she leads her quilting group on a retreat, a killer follows. While dealing with cranky quilters, distraught hotel owners and unfinished projects, Theo has to keep track of gossip for her husband and barely has time to hand out the pattern for her new mystery quilt (pattern included).


IBSN13: 978-1-4328-2544-7

From Five Star/Gale-Cengage

Both Murder by Serpents: The Murder Quilt and Murder by Artifact: The Mystery Quilt are now available on Kindle.



Hardcover  ISBN13:  978-1-59414-828-6 

In the middle of a scorching heat wave, Tennessee sheriff Tony Abernathy is plunged into a series of cold murder cases. His antacid consumption skyrockets with each anonymous envelope containing a different newspaper clipping. Someone is determined to drag him into the past. A more immediate, if less tragic problem, is the disappearance of lawn ornaments all over town and their owners clamoring for their return.

Even though his wife, Theo, is buried in her own work, right up to her golden dandelion curls, she manages to help at the new museum site. A “murder quilt” is offered for display. Days later the quilt is the only witness to the murder of its owner, the mayor’s unpopular wife, Queen Doreen.

 Following the tangled threads of his cases, Tony learns the power of history. Just when it looks like he has things all sewn up and under control, they come unstitched.

* * *

As a bonus for quilters, “clues” for sewing a mystery quilt are included in the book.

From Five Star Books, an imprint of Gale, Cengage Learning (formerly Thomson/Gale)